#Fincabulary 37 – Tailgating

Fincabulary tailgating


Meaning: Tailgating is not to be confused with the practice of insider trading which is illegal, while tailgating is unethical.It should also not be mistaken with front-running which is also an illegal activity that occurs when the practitioner uses the investment information the client provided and performs the trade for himself before doing so for the client.



Finance graduates cannot deliver in the VUCA world without the knowledge and understanding of the macro economy and government policies. What can be a more stimulating agent for the economy than the Union Budget, when the entire financial market reacted with every word from the finance minister. TAPMI, Manipal leaves no stone unturned in imparting experiential learning. Like every year, in context with the Union Budget 2018, Manthan 2018 was organized, on 10th March. This year marked the 4th edition of the annual budget conclave and the Finance Forum hosted 8 prominent guests from various fields of finance. The two-day event, brings together Economists CXO’s, Bankers, Regulators, fund managers and students to discuss recent trends, emerging issues challenges and opportunities in the industry.

manthan 2018

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Green Bonds

By Vijeta Singh

Green bonds are like regular bonds, but the money raised from these bonds goes towards the funding of ‘green’ business activities or projects in fields such as renewable energy, sustainable waste management, etc. These bonds are generally certified by Green Bond Principles (issued by International Capital Market Association) and Climate Bond Standards (issued by Climate Bonds Initiative) to ensure they are to finance projects that would generate environmental benefits.

These bonds can be in different forms, the most common being the full recourse green bond which is earmarked exclusively for environmentally beneficial projects. There are other varieties such as green ‘use of proceed’ revenue bonds and green securitized bonds.

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