#Fincabulary 34 – Smart Beta

Source: https://www.sanlam.com/ Meaning - Smart beta defines a set of investment strategies that emphasize the use of alternative index construction rules to traditional market capitalization-based indices. Smart beta emphasizes capturing investment factors or market inefficiencies in a rules-based and transparent way. The increased popularity of smart beta is linked to a desire for portfolio risk management and diversification along factor dimensions, … Continue reading #Fincabulary 34 – Smart Beta


Fino-graphic Series #1 – Treating Credit Risk Better Under Basel IV

By TJEF Editor Gandhali Inamdar We are launching a new infographic series where we will tackle contemporary economic issues every week. Today we are reviewing the impact of Basel IV on credit risk for financial institutions. Take a look at this one and let us know your thoughts!

Merger & Acquisitions – Decoding the Jargon

By TJEF Editor Ishan Kekre Source: http://www.businessmantraa.in Today mergers and acquisitions are in their fifth generation. Over the years, in order to adapt to the dynamic economic changes, firms have often taken decisions to merge, acquire or takeover in order to develop a competitive advantage and ultimately increase shareholder’s wealth. Companies can mutually agree to merge … Continue reading Merger & Acquisitions – Decoding the Jargon